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CALL BEFORE YOU DIG (or lose your cable TV)

If you are planning any projects around the house that involve digging or driving objects into the ground, do yourself a huge favor and “call before you dig”! A short time ago, I was having my gravel driveway finished with concrete.  The crew came out and installed the wooden form that would make up the […]


As spring approaches here in Atlanta, now is a good time to assess your surge protection system to help guard against lightning damage to the electronic devices in your home.  Of course, nothing can guard against a direct lightning strike, but there are steps you can take to minimize lightning and surge damage.

Arc-fault Circuit Interrupters (AFCI), Electrical Safety Every Home Needs

There is a relatively new electrical safety device on the market and it can save your life! What is this wonderful device you ask?  It is the Arc-Fault Circuit Interrupter, commonly referred to as an AFCI.  It was introduced in 1999 and has been slowly incorporated into the National Electrical Code over the years.  

Reduce Electric Bills By Cleaning Up That Crawlspace!

We are proud to introduce our guest blogger, Buddy Wofford with AquaGuard Basement Systems. AquaGuard provides solutions to foundation repair and waterproofing needs.  They are also the experts in basement and crawlspace waterproofing and encapsulation.  Belco Electric works with AquaGuard and can provide safe and reliable power to sump pumps and dehumidifiers associated with the […]