Save Money and Energy : Modernize your Office Fluorescent Lighting

If you have standard four lamp fluorescent lighting fixtures in your office building in Atlanta, our electricians can save you money.

Office buildings that are older than five years use four lamp T12 fluorescent lamps for lighting.  Due to advances in fluorescent lighting and new energy efficiency standards, replacement lamps for these lighting fixtures will no longer be manufactured within the next few years.

Lighting fixtures that currently use T12 lamps will need to be upgraded to T8 lamps, but it’s not as simple as replacing a bulb. The ballast also has to be replaced, requiring a qualified electrician licensed in Georgia.

Since the old lamps are being discontinued, it’s a great time to upgrade the appearance as well.   A two-lamp T8 lighting retrofit kit cuts the energy usage in half, and gives a clean, modern look. Depending on the number of fixtures, your company may qualify for energy saving rebates from the federal government, the power company, and the State of Georgia.

Free Trial Florescent Lighting Fixture Retrofit

Free Trial Florescent Lighting Fixture Retrofit

Belco can analyze your current lighting situation and help you qualify for these rebates and deductions. We’re so confident in the performance and appearance of our retrofit kits that we can offer a free trial installation to qualified customers in Atlanta.  Financing is also available; so don’t let the costs deter you from modernizing your office lighting.  Contact us today.