Property Managers: 3 Tips to Save Electricity | Vacant Buildings

By Kenny Jackson | Dec 23, 2010

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Large vacant building spaces can very easily and unnecessarily consume hundreds, even thousands of dollars of electricity in a short period of time.  Real estate agents, maintenance personnel, and others access these vacant spaces at random times.  Just by forgetting to turn a light switch off, hundreds of warehouse lights can be left on until the next person accesses the space or until the electrical bill arrives.  These unexpected bills are the last thing a property owner or property manager wants to see when their property is not generating income.

Tip 1: Install Electrical Timers

One solution to this problem is to temporarily install a timer to control the lights for large spaces while the building is vacant.  Depending on the size of the facility, these units can pay for themselves many times over within one month.  Once the building is occupied, the timers can easily be removed returning the space to its original condition.

Tip 2: Identify Electrical Circuits and Turn Off

In addition, most vacant buildings do not require hot water, or air conditioning.  In this case, all circuits for electric water heaters and air conditioning compressors should be identified and turned off.  This will prevent the thermostat from automatically cycling them on and off.  However, during the cold months it’s a good idea  to maintain the power to the air-handling unit in order to provide just enough heat to keep the pipes in the building from freezing.

Tip 3: Notify Electric Utility to Monitor Electrical Usage

Finally, notify your electric utility company that the building is vacant and ask them to contact you if they notice unusually high power use.  This may help you take corrective action sooner to reduce your power bill.  It may also tip you off to unauthorized building access by vandals, etc.

Following these few simple steps can save you significant dollars on your electric bill.  If you have any additional tips please feel free to leave a comment below.  If you need help installing timers, locating circuits, or any other commercial electrical service, click here to request service or call us at 770-455-4556.

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