Cut Your Lighting Cost in Half with Energy Saving Lighting Retrofit

By Joey Heard | Dec 05, 2010

T5 LED  tube light


My name is Joey Heard and I am the Vice President of Belco Electric.  I am a second generation Electrician and Electrical Contractor.  Electrician first (even while still in high school all those years ago) and Electrical Contractor here in Atlanta at Belco Electric for the past 18 years. I want to talk to you today about how you can cut energy costs and save money on your electric bill, at the same time reducing the tax liability for your company.

Installing T5 HO fluorescent lighting in place of your existing metal halide hi-bay lights or old fluorescent lights may reduce your energy bill up to 50%!

A standard metal halide hi-bay fixture uses approximately 458 watts to produce light.  After a few years, that light output deteriorates by up to 40%.  T5 HO Fluorescent lamps are 234 watts with minimal light output reduction over the years. The light output of T5 HO Fluorescent actually appears brighter with a higher color-rendering index (CRI).

Your power company charges by watt-hours and the reduction in total watt-hours used with T5 HO is significant.  You will see real savings over time.

Installing occupancy sensors on the fixtures will result in additional savings. Why have lights on in sections of your building when no one is in the area?  Another advantage of T5 HO Fluorescent lighting is that they are instantly on! No more waiting up to 15 minutes for your lights to become full bright.

By taking advantage of the EPAC federal government incentive, your installation will actually pay for itself on average within 2 years. All that is required is a simple certification form with energy analysis that we will provide for your tax accountant.  Your tax deduction, combined with energy savings equals a practically free installation!  If you any other questions,  send them to us at our "Ask an Expert Page"

Check out our video, T5 HO Fluorescent Lighting, for before and after examples as well as more information on how you can reduce your energy costs and Go Green!

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