5 Troubleshooting Tips for Restaurant Ventilation Hood System

By Joey Heard | Dec 17, 2010

Crowded kitchen, a narrow aisle, working chef.

Ventilation hoods are critical to your restaurant.

Here are some helpful tips you can try the next time your ventilation hood is not working:


  1. Is the power switch for the hoods on? The switch is usually located on the front of side of the hood system, right next to the switch for the lights over the hood.
  2. Do you have a power company problem? Do you notice that there are sections of lights out in the restaurant?  Is the air conditioning or heating working?  Is there another piece of equipment, for example an electric oven that is not working?  If yes, contact your power company.  You may have what is termed a phase loss, preventing the 3-phase hood motor from operating.
  3. Have you checked the circuit breakers? The breaker or breakers may be off, or in the tripped position.  If off, flip handle to the on position.  The on/off handle, when found in the middle position, identifies a breaker in the tripped position.  Turning the breaker off, and then back on, will reset the breaker.  If the breaker immediately trips again (i.e. goes back to the middle position) the problem may be a defective motor on your hood.
  4. Are the overloads on the motor starters tripped? Motor starters are commonly located behind a metal access panel on the left or right side of the hood.  Remove the access panel and look at the starters.  There should be a visible trip button and a reset button on the starter.  Push the reset button if tripped.  If the starter trips again the problem is most likely a defective hood motor, but may be a wiring issue. Occasionally, the motor starters are located above the electrical panels in a square metal enclosure.  This type of motor starter should have a reset button right on the cover and can be reset simply by pushing the button.
  5. Is the service switch on the roof of the restaurant off? The service switch is located next to the vent hood roof top enclosure, typically mounted on a gray box with a flip open cover.  If it is off, turn it on.


We are available to help you through these steps or dispatch an electrician if needed. Call us at 770-455-4556 or fill out the contact form on the bottom of the page for immediate assistance. 

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