HDTV for Free – UPDATE

FCC-blog480If you are still getting TV programming from a cable TV provider, you may have noticed that some of your TV’s are no longer receiving channels.  Comcast has started encrypting its “Limited Basic” services.  In the past, if you had a digital TV, you could just hook the coax cable to the back of your TV and watch your local channels.  This was convenient for houses with multiple TVs and for people who are trying to save money by just getting the bare minimum TV channels over cable TV.  Once the encryption is in place the only way Comcast customers will be able to view their cable channels is by using a Comcast “set top box” or a CableCARD enabled device on each TV.  This means that you will have to contact Comcast and order additional equipment for all TVs that are not currently connected to a Comcast tuner.

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Tired of paying for cable or satellite TV?  I did two things to get rid of satellite TV service for my home theater system without sacrificing picture quality, or to a large degree, video content.  I’ll describe step 1 in this article.  You can check in later for step 2 on my next article. Read more