Plasma TVs vs LCD/LED TVs – The Gap Is Narrowing!

Plasma-Blog-Imaga-1Two years ago I posted a blog titled, “Plasma TVs – Why they are still, and always will be, superior to LCD and LED TVs”.  If you missed the original blog, you may want to click on the title above and check it out.

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HDTV for Free – Part 2

In my last blog I talked about installing an over the air antenna to get HDTV for free so I could drop my satellite TV provider.  The problem with this is only locally broadcast television stations are available over the air, which means I am limited to about 40 channels or so in my area.  That is much less than the 200 channels I use to get from my satellite provider.  The solution is described in step 2 below.

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Tired of paying for cable or satellite TV?  I did two things to get rid of satellite TV service for my home theater system without sacrificing picture quality, or to a large degree, video content.  I’ll describe step 1 in this article.  You can check in later for step 2 on my next article. Read more