Lightning Density Map

As spring approaches here in Atlanta, now is a good time to assess your surge protection system to help guard against lightning damage to the electronic devices in your home.  Of course, nothing can guard against a direct lightning strike, but there are steps you can take to minimize lightning and surge damage. Read more

T12 Fluorescent Lamps Burning Out and Fading Away…

Fluorescent Lamp

Fluorescent Lamp

For years, there have been rumors and missed deadlines regarding the phasing out of T-12 fluorescent lamps (the “fat” tubes as some call them).  Effective July 2012, the common 4’ T12 lamp is no longer being produced due to a mandate from the U.S. Department of Energy.

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How to Qualify for Rebates on Commercial Lighting in Georgia

If you’ve been following my blogs, you know I have been focused on energy saving lighting.  I’ve included information on the Federal tax deduction (EPAct 2005) and how quickly a lighting upgrade can pay for itself.  Here’s the latest, and it is great news! Georgia Power recently announced The Georgia Power Commercial Energy Efficiency Program.  It is not a tax deduction or a credit on your bill. It is an incentive for installing energy efficient lighting, as it literally results in a check issued to commercial customers.  These incentives will help reduce the initial investment in indoor energy efficient lighting projects. Read more

Save Money and Energy : Modernize your Office Fluorescent Lighting

If you have standard four lamp fluorescent lighting fixtures in your office building in Atlanta, our electricians can save you money.

Office buildings that are older than five years use four lamp T12 fluorescent lamps for lighting.  Due to advances in fluorescent lighting and new energy efficiency standards, replacement lamps for these lighting fixtures will no longer be manufactured within the next few years.

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