Parking Lot and Sign Lighting

Hello.  My name is Kenny Jackson and I’m a project manger at Belco Electric.  I’ve worked here since 1995 and currently specialize in the commercial electrical area.

A well lighted building and parking area creates an inviting and secure atmosphere for both customers and employees, as well as renewing the look of your property. Belco’s electricians are well qualified at repairing and replacing HID, fluorescent, and neon lighting. Belco has bucket truck service available to repair your parking lot pole lights, wallpacks, and signs.

Additionally, our service electricians are experts at maintaining and installing lighting controls.  Don’t let daylight savings time put your property in the dark.

Bucket-Truck2Belco can recommend and install the right lighting controls to meet your business schedule and eliminate the need for adjustments due to shorter daylight hours and seasonal time changes.  Here is a list of some of the other commercial electrical services we offer.

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