CALL BEFORE YOU DIG (or lose your cable TV)

Call-before-dig-image2If you are planning any projects around the house that involve digging or driving objects into the ground, do yourself a huge favor and “call before you dig”!

A short time ago, I was having my gravel driveway finished with concrete.  The crew came out and installed the wooden form that would make up the edges of my new driveway by laying out long boards and pounding wooden stakes into the ground to keep the form in place while the concrete was being poured.   Read more



Lightning Density Map

As spring approaches here in Atlanta, now is a good time to assess your surge protection system to help guard against lightning damage to the electronic devices in your home.  Of course, nothing can guard against a direct lightning strike, but there are steps you can take to minimize lightning and surge damage. Read more

Attention: Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) issues update regarding Federal Pacific Electrical Panels!

Due to continuing pressure from engineering firms and others concerned with the safety of continued use of Federal Pacific Stab-Lok electrical panels, on February 18, 2011 the CPSC released a revised version of it’s original March 3, 1983 press release regarding FPE circuit breakers. Read more

Surge Protection-It’s Not Just for Computers Anymore

By now most people are aware of the need for surge protection for their computers and TV’s, but is there more in the modern home that you should be concerned with when it comes to power surges? Technology is finding it’s way into more and more of the items we use everyday. Read more

Outdoor Lighting Maintenance – A Facility Manager’s Guide

Parking-Lot-LtgMaintaining parking lot, building, and sign lighting is a very important part of doing business.  A well lighted facility gives customers, tenants and employees a feeling of security and confidence at night, inviting visitation and increasing revenue.   Read more

When Should You Replace Your Electrical Panel?

If you have a Federal Pacific “Stab Lok” circuit breaker panel in your home you need to be aware of the frequent problems inherent with these panels. Read more

Is my electrical panel safe? | 14 Point Electrical Panel Inspection

Most insurance companies recommend that your home electrical panel be inspected and maintained once every three years, yet the majority of homes are never inspected or maintained until a problem develops. Flickering lights, buzzing and sizzling noises coming from the panel, or a burning smell are sure indicators that it is time to get your panel inspected. However, there are many more “silent” signs that are much less obvious and can be detected with an electrical panel inspection before they have a chance to do any damage. Read more